Welcome to Bridgeport’s 2019 Local Elections! Here’s a list of FAQs:

When can I vote?

Primary Day is Tuesday, September 10th, 2019. Polls are open 6:00am – 8:00pm. In Connecticut, you must be registered with a political party to vote in a primary. In Bridgeport, the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Working Families Party are all active parties in our local elections.

General Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th, 2019. Polls are open 6:00am – 8:00pm. This election is open to all voters, including unaffiliated voters (voters not registered with a party). 


Who will I be voting for?

Up for election this year in Bridgeport are the following: Mayor, All 20 seats on City Council, 4 seats on the Board of Education (only 3 can be from the same party), Town Clerk, City Clerk, and 3 City Sheriffs

Below is a complete list of Democrat and Republican candidates for the primary: (candidates websites provided where available)


City Council, 130th:

  • No primary

City Council, 131st: (vote for any two)

  • Denese Taylor-Moye, D
  • Jorge Cruz, D
  • Mary Bruce, D
  • Samaris Rose, D

City Council, 132nd: (vote for any two)

  • Marcus Brown, D
  • M. Evette Brantley, D
  • Kyle Langan, D
  • Cynthia Torres, D

City Council, 133rd:

  • No primary

City Council, 134th:

  • No primary

City Council, 135th: (vote for any two)

  • Lee V Grisby II, R
  • Molly Katz, R
  • Richard Fernandez, R

City Council, 136th: (vote for any two)

  • Maria Zambrano Viggiano, D
  • Alfredo Castillo, D
  • Carmen Nieves, D
  • Rigoberto Giusti, D

City Council, 137th:

  • No primary

City Council, 138th: (vote for any two from your party)

  • Karen Jackson, D
  • Nessah Smith, D
  • Maria Pereira, D
  • Samia Suliman, D
  • Quentin Dreher, R
  • Manuel Williamson, R
  • Sheena Henderson, R

City Council, 139th: (vote for any two)

  • Jasmin B. Sanchez, R
  • Anne Marie Verrelli, R
  • Josiah Israel, R

Board of Education: (vote for any three from your party)

  • Sybil Allen, D
  • Albert Benejan, D
  • Bobbi Brown, D
  • Eric Stewart-Alicea, D
  • Amina Brown, D
  • Dasha T. Spell, D
  • Chris Genduso, R
  • Joseph Lombard, R
  • Joesph Minutolo, R
  • Odalis Inda, R
  • Ashley A. Rodriguez, R

Town Clerk: (vote for one from your party)

  • Charles D. Clemons, Jr., D
  • Christopher L. Caruso, D
  • James A. Carbone, R

City Clerk: (vote for one)

  • Lydia N. Martinez, D
  • Alma L. Maya, D

City Sheriff: (vote for three from your party)

  • Stephen M. Nelson, D
  • Michell Robles, D
  • Dennis Scinto, D
  • Ernest Brown, D
  • Wesley J. Matthews, D
  • Jaqueline Richardson, D
  • Mike Garrett, R
  • Mike Moretti, R
  • Enrique “Rick” Torres, R
  • Frank Appleby Sr., R
  • Charles M. Valentino Sr., R


Will there be anything else on the ballot?

Unknown at this time.


I don’t know what districts I live in. How can I find this information?

You can locate your local voting district for City Council by using the local map, available here


I don’t know where to vote. How can I find this information?

You can check your voter registration and local polling location here: http://www.dir.ct.gov/sots/LookUp.aspx


I am not sure if I am registered to vote. How can I check this information?

You can check your voter registration and local polling location here: http://www.dir.ct.gov/sots/LookUp.aspx


I do not know anything about any of the candidates who are running. How will I know who to vote for?

FaithActs for Education also has an online voter guide, which you can look through here!


I am not registered to vote in Bridgeport. Can I still register?

City Council Candidate Names & Photos

Primary Election Sample Ballots