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  • Read our new Op-Ed! "A Better Bridgeport Budget Requires Bold Leadership"

    Published in The Connecticut Post, Thursday, April 28th
    Over the past seven years, Bridgeport’s municipal budget tells a sad and disturbing story. We need transformational leaders with the courage to propose and pass a budget that tells a new story — a story of a city determined to eliminate racial and economic disparities by making bold investments in public education and social services.
  • The 2022 Legislative Session

    This legislative session, we've continued our fight for a Recovery For All and an end to our state's dramatic inequalities! Click below to see what bills we are supporting during the 2022 Legislative Session.
  • Bridgeport Anti-Racism Collective Meeting

    Wednesday, May 11th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
    The Bridgeport Antiracism Collective (BARC) is a multiracial space for individuals and community leaders committed to developing a personal practice of antiracism here in Bridgeport. We meet monthly on the first Wednesday of every month. Email undoingracismbpt@gmail.com to request to join the group!
  • The 2022 Civics 101 Workshop

    Saturday, May 21st from 10:00am - 5:00pm
    Sunday, May 22nd from 12:00pm - 4:00pm
    💪 💥 Join us for Civics 101! 💪 💥 Now in its 5th year, Civics 101 is a FREE 2-day community workshop series focused on building community power through civic knowledge! Registering for the event by clicking the RSVP link below!
  • A Step In The Right Direction: City budget moves $2.5 million from policing into education and invests in social services!

    City of Bridgeport
    In May of 2021, the Bridgeport City Council approved a budget that divests $2 million from the Bridgeport police department, reallocates $2.5 million into our public schools, and invests $760,000 in a new social services unit for the City of Bridgeport. We celebrate this vote as a win - a win on the journey towards the just, equitable, democratic, and livable city we know is possible!
  • Apply For A City Board Or Commission!

    On December 2nd, the City of Bridgeport announced that civic-minded Bridgeport residents should apply to fill various vacancies on the numerous Boards and Commissions!

    Since 2018, Bridgeport Generation Now has organized trainings and workshops to encourage Bridgeport residents to get involved on our Boards and Commissions.

    For more information and to apply, click below!

Monthly Member Meetings

We meet the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm at our office at 1119 Main Street in downtown Bridgeport. All Core, General, and New Members are welcome!
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Our Mission and Core Values

Bridgeport Generation Now is a movement!

We build collective power by strengthening civic engagement in ourselves and our communities. As a grassroots, member-based organization, Bridgeport Generation Now uses the tools of community organizing to dismantle systemic racism and systemic corruption and build a just, equitable, democratic, and livable city!


  • Good Governance
  • Democratic Empowerment
  • Justice & Equity
  • Livability


  • Intersectionality
  • Collective Action
  • Openness
  • Ethics
  • and above all, Love


  • Be together, not the same
  • Foster creativity
  • Maintain vision through relationships
  • Allow for mistakes
  • Choose curiosity over fear


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We Are Gen Now!
2018 Holiday Fête
Police Chief Search Press Conference
Public Art with Liz Squillace

Core Membership

Core Membership

Are you ready to join our movement? You are a Core Member if you are invested in our mission and projects and will attend at least one Member Meeting every three months.


  • Voting rights at Member Meetings
  • Organize events and projects
  • May be voted onto the Action Council
  • Part of a Committee (for example: Policy, Education, Marketing, Youth and Recruitment
  • Annual dues, at a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $100, dues and donations are tax deductible

General Membership

General Membership

Are you inspired by our movement? You are a General Member if you are invested in our mission but probably won’t come to many Member Meetings.


  • May participate in events and projects organized by both our Action Council or Core Members, though there is no participatory requirement to maintain membership
  • Connect to committee projects and service opportunities through the website, member meetings or Facebook page
  • No annual dues, but may make a tax deductible donation at any point
Public mural artwork by local artist Liz Squillace

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