Featured Events

  • Bridgeport Anti-Racism Collective Meeting

    April 3 from 6pm – 8pm
    BPT Creates
    1001 Main Street, Suite 14
    Bridgeport, CT 06604
  • April Member Meeting

    April 17 from 7pm - 9pm
    B:Hive Bridgeport
    930 Main Street
    Bridgeport, CT 06604
  • Special Election for State Rep, 130th District

    May 7 from 6am - 8pm
    130th State Representative District
    Bridgeport, CT 06604
  • Taste The Movement Fundraiser!

    May 17 from 6pm – 10pm
    The Discovery Museum & Planetarium
    4450 Park Avenue
    Bridgeport, CT 06604

Monthly Member Meetings

We meet at B:Hive Bridgeport the third Wednesday of every month beginning at 7:00pm. Stop by to check it out!
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Our Mission and Core Values

Bridgeport Generation Now strives to empower and unite our communities through civic engagement, policy work, economic development and education. By encouraging residents and our youth to take an active role in strengthening Bridgeport, we will collectively develop into community leaders who will create a new cultural identity for our city.

We are a movement, a social action network that cares about our community and promotes resident involvement. We are open to all residents of Bridgeport, and any individual can be a member if they get involved in the community and show that they care about the future of our city.  

Intersectionality, Collective Action, Openness, Ethics, Love


  • Be together, not the same
  • Foster creativity
  • Maintain vision through relationships
  • Allow for mistakes
  • Choose curiosity over fear

Featured Videos

The 2019 Civics 101 Workshop
2018 Holiday Fête
Police Chief Search Press Conference
Public Art with Liz Squillace

Core Membership

Core Membership

Are you ready to join our movement? You are a Core Member if you are invested in our mission and projects and will attend at least one Member Meeting every three months.


  • Voting rights at Member Meetings
  • Organize events and projects
  • May be voted onto the Action Council
  • Part of a Committee (for example: Policy, Education, Marketing, Youth and Recruitment
  • Annual dues, at a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $100, dues and donations are tax deductible



General Membership

General Membership

Are you inspired by our movement? You are a General Member if you are invested in our mission but probably won’t come to many Member Meetings.


  • May participate in events and projects organized by both our Action Council or Core Members, though there is no participatory requirement to maintain membership
  • Connect to committee projects and service opportunities through the website, member meetings or Facebook page
  • No annual dues, but may make a tax deductible donation at any point
Public mural artwork by local artist Liz Squillace

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