Bridgeport Anti-Racism Collective

Organized in May of 2017 by Bridgeport Generation Now the Bridgeport Anti-Racism Collective (BARC) was born out of two “Undoing Racism” trainings facilitated by The People’s Institute For Survival and Beyond at the Discovery Museum and funded by a coalition of funders, including Graustein Memorial Fund, Zoom Foundation, Perrin Family Foundation, Tauk Foundation, and Fairfield County Community Foundation.
  • BARC is a multiracial, intergenerational anti-racist community dedicated to developing anti-racism awareness and leadership in Bridgeport. Since 2017, we have organized 6 Undoing Racism trainings in Bridgeport, and have trained over 200 Bridgeport leaders on anti-racism. Participants have included community members, non-profit leaders, elected and city officials, members of our police department, and more!
  • BARC is a community and container to hold people as they deepen their anti-racist analysis and commitment. We meet to discuss our anti-racist awareness, research, vision, and action as individuals, within our groups/organizations, and in society at large. Our meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month at BPT Creates, 1001 Main Street, Suite 14, Bridgeport CT from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. Our meetings are open to individuals who have completed our annual “Undoing Racism” training.
  • We define anti-racism as the practice of rejecting, resisting, undoing, interrupting and challenging bias and racist ideas, systems, and hierarchies, both internally and externally.
Our Three Principles are:
  • A commitment to anti-racism (how we are in this work)
  • Understanding anti-racism and what it means to us (what this work is)
  • Our roles in anti-racism (how we act in this work)

In 2018, BARC developed our own Meeting Model and Framework for holding ourselves accountable to deepening our understanding of anti-racism, our roles in anti-racism, and our commitment to doing that work of anti-racism. Click here to read our framework in full. Click here to follow our Facebook page.