Policy and Issue Platform

In February of 2017, our members brainstormed a list of issues and policies in Bridgeport we wished to explore and elevate. Our members worked hard over the winter and spring, in research teams and at member meetings, to develop this platform. On June 9th, we held a Policy and Issue Forum, where we vetted and validated each topic. On June 21st, we hosted seven current City Council members in a formal discussion around our platform, policies, and ideas.

Our Policy and Issue Platform is broken into four sections, based on our four key principles. Each week, we will release a new part of the platform, so stay in touch via our mailing list and social media to be engaged and get informed!

Good Governance

  • Bridgeport City Budget
  • Financial Task Force
  • Downtown Parking Meters

Justice and Equity

  • Racial Equity in Education
  • WPCA Foreclosures
  • Sanctuary City
  • Police Accountability

Democratic Empowerment

  • Democratic Town Committee
  • Absentee Ballots


  • Public Arts
  • Food Policy and Justice
  • Environment and Energy

The publication of this platform represents seven months of hard work by dedicated members of Bridgeport Generation Now. Over the course of the coming year, we hope it serves as a guide to civic discourse, an accountability arm for elected officials, and an empowerment tool for our democratic process.

Thank you to everyone who contributed time, energy, ideas, thoughtfulness, humility, and care to this process. We are proud of each and every one of us. We cannot do this without you!

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