Boards & Commissions Workshop

Coming January 2019! 

We believe in the power of participatory government! The people of Bridgeport hold the power to make the change we wish to see in our city. We strive to create opportunities for youth and residents in Bridgeport to be part of the decision-making, to have a seat at the table.

PURPOSE: The Boards & Commissions Workshop will educate Bridgeport residents on our City of Bridgeport’s Boards & Commissions, including the purpose, process, and best practices. Support will be on site to assist residents in completing and submitting applications at the workshop. Residents will leave the workshop inspired, with an enhanced understanding of our democratic system and the value of community and civic engagement. Engaging youth between ages 18-24 will be a priority!

PROPOSED STRUCTURE: One Workshop per month, 10 months per year, starting January 2019. The Workshop will travel to all City Council districts. All workshops will be free and open to the public! 

For more information on the City of Bridgeport’s Boards & Commissions, please visit the website here: