BPT Votes! Campaign

BPT Votes! is a Bridgeport voter engagement campaign, launched in May 2017, by a coalition of many partners including Bridgeport Generation Now, Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats, Make The Road CT, I Luv Bridgeport, Better Bridgeport, CTCORE-Organize Now! and more!

The work of BPT Votes! is to:

  • Survey Bridgeport voters about issues that matter to them
  • Inform Bridgeport voters that it is a local election year
  • Educate Bridgeport voters about our local primary system.

The objective of BPT Votes! is to:

  • Increase voter turnout for annual fall elections
  • Build a more educated and engaged voter base
  • Build accountability between elected officials and issues that matter to Bridgeport residents

Bridgeport is ready to build power from the ground up – having institutions and organizations come together to support the power of the people here to do that for themselves is key to that success!

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