Strengthening Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Working collectively for civic engagement can be challenging! We are part of the larger social fabric of Bridgeport and consider Bridgeport’s social issues to be our own. Members of BPTGN see the moral and civic dimensions of issues, make and justify informed moral and civic judgments, and take action when appropriate!

All of this healthy engagement requires strong emotional intelligence! Emotional intelligence or EQ is about the ability to:

1) Recognize, understand and manage our own emotions
2) Recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others
3) Be aware that emotions can drive our behavior and impact people (positively and negatively)
4) Learn how to manage those emotions — both our own and others — especially when we are under pressure.

Please join us for this biannual workshop to strengthen your EQ skills! We are so honored to have ONYX Restorative Justice back to continue leading us through this journey. Here are the upcoming dates:

  • Monday, November 26th at 6:00pm at 285 Fairfield Avenue: Register Here! 
  • Monday, May 20th at 6:00pm: Registration not open yet

The “Strengthening Emotional Intelligence Workshop” is free for Core and General Members of Bridgeport Generation Now. New Members are strongly encouraged to attend. Cost is $25 for non-members. To sign up for Membership, click here:

About Onyx Restorative Justice

ONYX Restorative Justice (ORJ), founded by Empress Ayana Love Bey, is a lifestyle enrichment organization dedicated to empowering women to actualize their integral and absolute potential. ORJ engages women via our core values: Communication, Commitment, and Community; fostering healthier, happier advocates of personal and social change! ORJ’s mission is to offer services and educational opportunities that produce critical and analytical thinkers, and empower women to hold themselves accountable for establishing personal and professional practices that promote Justice.
  • COMMUNICATION – ORJ is dedicated to assisting women seeking strategies for improving their intra and interpersonal skills through strengthening self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence.
  • COMMITMENT – ORJ is committed to awakening every woman’s unique potential and guiding them to their healthiest and truest selves.
  • COMMUNITY – ORJ is passionate about developing partnerships with entrepreneurs and organizations that share our devotion to empowering, educating, and protecting the interests of women.

By Empowering Excellence in Community Advancement, ORJ serves as a bridge of Respect, Integrity, and Justice.