Our Social Change Incubator

What We Do

At Bridgeport Generation Now, we believe in the power of the people of Bridgeport to move our city towards positive social change!

We are committed to providing a platform for our Core Members to fuel that change by successfully incubating their innovative and impactful projects. From mentorship to resource allocation, from training to capacity-building, we are proud to support the powerful grassroots visions of our members and grow them into the sustainable change they wish to see in their lives.

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BPTTalks Podcast

BPTTalks Podcast

BPTTalks is a podcast broadcasted on WPKN 89.5 radio highlighting the hidden gems and untold stories of everyday citizens in Bridgeport, Connecticut. BPTTalks shines a light on the city’s current resurgence to provide local citizens w/ the inside scoop.

To learn more about BPTTalks and when you can tune in, please visit the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bpttalks/

To listen to episodes of BPTTalks, click below:

BPTTalks is founded and produced by Dayna Lindo. It is sponsored by Bridgeport Generation Now.

Bridgeport Anti-Racism Collective

Bridgeport Anti-Racism Collective

Organized by CTCORE-Organize Now, Bridgeport Generation Now, and Make The Road CT, Bridgeport Anti-Racism Collective (BARC) is an anti-racist community. We meet to discuss anti-racist awareness, research, vision, and action in our lives in the United States, in Connecticut, and in Bridgeport. Our meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month and are open to all who wish to be in this work. We define anti-racism as the practice of rejecting, resisting, undoing, interrupting and challenging bias and racist ideas, systems, and hierarchies, both internally and externally. Our Three Principles Are:
  • A commitment to anti-racism (how we are in this work)
  • Understanding anti-racism and what it means to us (what this work is)
  • Our roles in anti-racism (how we act in this work)

To learn more, please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BPTARC/

Bridgeport Anti-Racism Collective is co-organized and sponsored by Bridgeport Generation Now.